FDM Manual Therapy

At the Elizabeth Gawłowska Rehabilitation Center we make use of  various modern and effective methods of manual therapy. One of these is the  FDM manual therapy developed by Stephen Typlandos. Wroclaw now boasts a modern clinic offering FDM manual therapy, which a non-invasive method of treatment that involves pricking the sore points located on muscle tissue. The main aim of FDM manual therapy is to eliminate so-called myofascial points, which are responsible for various types of dysfunction and pain.

FDM or fascial distortion model therapy is applicable to a wide variety of ailments, such as abdominal tissue, sports injuries, restricted mobility, sharp pain caused by dislocations, back, neck and shoulder pain, as well as symptoms of weakness, tingling or instability in joints.

www_IMG_4414Each visit to our rehabilitation centre begins with a precise and thorough diagnosis and interview with the patient. Our experts, who have extensive experience in FDM therapy, establish the specific mechanism of the injury and help you choose the appropriate treatment methods and techniques. If the purpose of your visit to Wroclaw is manual therapy at our clinic, then you certainly will not be disappointed. The Fascial Distortion Model (FDM) uses techniques which include joint manipulation, cooling of damaged tissue and strong, localized tissue massage. We guarantee that the method FDM will bring the desired results, especially that each patient is treated individually. Our clinic, located in the city of Wroclaw, invites everyone seeking an effective way to get rid of chronic pain.

We would love you to associate Wroclaw and FDM manual therapy with our clinic. Come and pay us a visit.