We offer our patients a wide range of rehabilitation services:


Modern methods of cartilage regeneration

Treatment of injuries:
– Spine and peripheral joint pain
– Swelling(oedema)
– Treatment of sports injuries

– Indiba Therapy
– PST therapy
– High-power laser
– Shockwave therapy
– Lymphatic massage compression
– Local cryotherapy
– Three dimensional spinal traction table

Manual therapy:
– FDM therapy
– Kaltenborn – Evjenth Orthopedic Manipulative Therapy (OMT)
– Fascial Manipulation
– McKenzie Method
– Comprehensive anti-swelling treatment

Medical Consultations:
Dr. Tomasz Goral, Ph.D. – Orthopedic traumatologist

Dr. Agnieszka Kuś – medical rehabilitation
pain treatment
internal medicine
diagnostic ultrasound – abdomen, thyroid