Local Cryotherapy

Local cryotherapy is another treatment by the Elizabeth Gawłowska Rehabilitation Centre. This procedure involves lowering tissue temperature, with its main goal being the achievement of hyperaemia in the deep structures adjacent  to the area subjected to local cryotherapy. This state is maintained for a duration of 4 hours.

Until recently, Wrocław was not a place where cryotherapy was a popular procedure, and the number of clinics offering such treatment was limited. You now have the opportunity to take advantage of this procedure at our centre. Cryotherapy is very beneficial for tissue.

Local cryotherapy is used in many situations, such as multiple sclerosis, periarthritis, treatment of muscle and joint pain, psoriatic arthritis, osteoarthritis of the spine, degenerative disc disease, swelling, bruising trauma and myalgia, rheumatic and rheumatoid locomotor system diseases, tendinopathy and enthesopathy. Cryotherapy brings excellent results, achieving reduced blood circulation in a given location, cold receptor stimulation, improved blood flow, the slowing of local metabolism, the reduction or disappearance of edema, vasomotor changes and the elimination of inflammation.

Among various rehabilitation and physiotherapy treatments, cryotherapy is considered to be one of the most comfortable and non-invasive methods. Our clinic perfectly supplements  the range of services presently available in Wrocław, and by choosing our centre you will be able to take advantage of local cryotherapy as part of your rehabilitation.

Local cryotherapy has been performed extensively at our clinic, meaning we have considerable experience with this form of treatment and can guarantee you the very best medical care. Patients who undertake local cryotherapy treatment can expect excellent results, an individualized approach and full professionalism. The Elizabeth Gawłowska Rehabilitation Center is located in Wroclaw, on ul. Piłsudskiego 84A. We invite you to take advantage of our wide range of medical procedures and make an appointment for cryotherapy treatment.